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Domestic Violence

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Unfortunately, there are times when Temporary Restraining Orders must be filed by a party or a party must defend themselves in a hearing for a Final Restraining Order. In either circumstance, many times the hearings are within 10 days of the initial TRO, you will need legal representation promptly to protect your rights. We can help you, fight for you in court and will be there for you in this very difficult time.

If you have filed or need to file or have filed against you a New Jersey Domestic Violence Complaint or New Jersey Temporary Restraining Order and need representation for your Final Restraining Order hearing, call us at 732-390-0480 or 201-242-1119 for a free consultation in our Fort Lee or East Brunswick offices.

We offer flat fees for certain services related to your NJ domestic violence complaint or NJ restraining order. We also offer NJ divorce services and flat fees for specific services as well. Call us today at Green & Associates with 20 years of litigation experience to help you!

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NJ Divorce and Domestic Violence and New Jersey Restraining Orders vs. New York Restraining Orders.

Unfortunately, too often parties may be in an abusive relationship in their marriage, such that a restraining order may be necessary to consider. Parties that are being harassed by threatening phone calls, texts, or emails, may have to file a domestic violence complaint to obtain a restraining order so that the abusive party will cease their harassment. If there is actual physical violence, then an assault may have occurred and that too would be grounds for the filing of a domestic violence complaint.

If you have an upcoming TRO hearing and wish to have legal representation or wish to amend a TRO or FRO filed against you, please call us at 732-390-0480 or 201-242-1119 for a free consultation in our East Brunswick or Fort Lee office. We have night and weekend appointments. Ask us about our flat fees for your restraining order representation.

Often, during a divorce or post-judgment of a New Jersey divorce, parties may have issues with each other which may result in repetitive acts that are annoying to the point of alarm which would meet the standard for a claim of harassment or threats that may rise to the level of terrorist threats. If the other party does not stop the behavior after being made aware that their behavior is inappropriate, then a filing of a domestic violence complaint may be necessary and warranted. A Temporary Restraining Order may then be issued by the County Court and a Final Restraining Order hearing is then scheduled for a Judge to determine if the standard of the statutes has been met requiring a Final Restraining Order.