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Fathers' Rights

A Fathers' Rights Lawyer Will Provide Aggressive Representation

Parental alienation where one parent alienates the children from the other parent is a difficult issue that requires persistent litigation to achieve results. At Green & Associates, we will represent you to achieve your desired result as regards parenting time with your children and a healthy and happy relationship with them.

Is a substantial change to your income, personal health status or career prospects as a business owner or corporate executive affecting your New Jersey divorce settlement obligations?

If so, you are well within your rights to ask that a court hear your request for a post-decree or post-judgment modification of your settlement agreement.

At Green & Associates, we represent the rights of husbands and fathers in New Jersey divorce and post-divorce negotiations and hearings. We work with you directly to help you achieve the kind of justice you can live with and to enable you to participate in your family's prosperous future.

Parental relocations for business reasons can adversely affect your child custody or parenting time. You may be dealing with a health crisis or downsizing at your job that could impair your child support capabilities.

If your career and personal earnings have taken a turn for the worse, if a business relocation looms or you want increased access to your children, a post-judgment modification to your divorce settlement agreement is in order.

Fight For Your Parental Rights

Representing Husbands' and Fathers' Interests in New Jersey Divorces

Our law offices can file your petition for a post-judgment modification for reasons of:

  • Change in income

  • Change in earnings potential

  • Proof of failing health

  • Personal (remarriage) or business relocation

  • Financing college education

A post-judgment modification to your divorce agreement can result from the entirely expected or totally unforeseen. Regardless of the situation, we always aggressively represent the interests and rights you hold dear, as a former husband and father.