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Post-Judgement Modifications Attorney in East Brunswick, NJ

A Post-Judgment Modifications Lawyer Can Help if Your Circumstances Have Changed

Changes are a natural part of life and alterations to one’s schedule, budget and domestic situation are unavoidable. In the years following a divorce, changes that affect finances, custody, and residency, sometimes require the modification of an existing court order.

At Green & Associates, we understand the importance of these changes and help clients through the post-judgment modification process. Contact us today for a free initial phone consultation at 732-390-0480.

Effective Post-Judgment Relief Representation

While a property settlement agreement cannot be altered for capricious reasons, courts will make changes when there are material changes in the circumstances of either party. Some of the common issues leading to modifications include remarriage, a parent moving, job promotions, additional children, and substance or physical abuse.

At the Law Offices of Green & Associates, we are committed to providing our clients fair and informed assessment of their chances of getting post-judgment relief. While any aspect of a property settlement agreement can be modified, the most common areas where post-judgment relief is sought to involve child custody and visitation, child support, and alimony. It is uncommon for courts to grant modifications involving the distribution of marital assets, except in situations where there was fraud in the disclosure of assets at the time the property settlement agreement went into effect.

When seeking post-judgment relief it is important to recognize that a modification of one part of a divorce agreement may trigger a modification in another. For example, if alimony payments are altered as a result of a re-marriage, child support payments could be increased depending on the income levels of each parent. Our lawyers have the skill and knowledge required to guide clients through the post-judgment relief process.

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If you have experienced a significant change in circumstance and need to alter a property settlement agreement, please contact the law offices of Green & Associates.


Whether you are enlisted in the armed forces, moving to or from McGuire Air Force base, or are considering a career move that involves relocation to or from another state, it is necessary to pursue a legal modification of the custodial arrangements of your divorce decree. Because such changes are often opposed by a former spouse, your petition may result in further court hearings. Our firm can help you with the legal details of modifying existing child custody and visitation schedules.

Economic Changes

Changes in financial circumstances that are prompted by a wage decrease, a job loss or the need for a costly medical procedure can affect one’s ability to provide adequate support to children or increase the need for contributions from a former spouse. For assistance with petitioning for and negotiating child support modifications, call attorney Michael S.Green.

Change Your Previous Agreements


Our firm also assists individuals in the modification of child support obligations with a determination that their child is emancipated. Emancipation is not simply when a child reaches the age of eighteen. It is important to contact an attorney to review if your child’s change of circumstances warrants emancipation. Attorney Michael S. Green can help.

New Jersey Child Support Modification Attorney

At the law offices of Green & Associates, we understand that circumstances change. While the primary focus of our firm is to negotiate comprehensive divorce settlements for our clients, we also help clients pursue modifications after their divorce has become final.

If you need to modify a custody or support order after a divorce or other family-related dispute, we can guide you through the process. Contact our law firm for a prompt, helpful evaluation of your circumstances and case.

Has There Been a Significant Change in Circumstances Since Your Divorce?

All orders contained in your divorce judgment — covering spousal support, as well as custody and parenting time — are legally binding and enforceable. However, many such orders are also subject to post-judgment modification if the party seeking that modification can prove that circumstances have changed.

This is an important area of family law and success often rests on the ability of your attorney to build a solid case and cite relevant legal precedent for the post-judgment modification you seek. We are familiar with the burden of proof required in a broad range of circumstances, including:

  • Petitions for alimony or child support modification due to a significant change in income for either the payer or recipient

  • Post-judgment modifications of child custody and parenting time orders

  • Relocations and move-aways, when one parent wants to relocate with a child out of New Jersey

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