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March 25, 2024

Whether you are seeking to file an Order to Show Cause for an emergent action, a motion for a termination of alimony, a motion for college tuition or expenses, or a FD motion to establish custody and child support for non-married parties with children, call Green & Associates today at 732-390-0480 or 201-242-1119 for your FREE CONSULTATION

We serve all of New Jersey including Middlesex County, Bergen County, Monmouth County, Somerset County, Union County, Hudson County and Essex County.

A motion for termination of alimony may be considered with a substantial change in circumstances and if you have a good faith retirement.  You may file your motion generally six months in advance of retirement to request the court to terminate your alimony upon your retirement.

A motion for college tuition and expenses may or may not be dependent on the terms of your Matrimonial Settlement Agreement.  In New Jersey, generally, parties may have an obligation to pay for tuition and expenses after a child has looked towards all loans and grants proportional to their income. 

As to FD motions to establish custody and child support for non-married parties with children, terms for the custody, parenting time and child support of the child or children are decided by the courts and a court order is then entered covering these terms.

Ask us about our flat fee structure so that you can better understand what fees will be in advance of filing so that you may plan for your future!

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