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I got a very professional service from Michael Green and his associate Sylwia! The outcome was even better than I expected. The fees are fair and reasonable. I would highly recommend Mr. Green if you need to go through a divorce process without worries and stress.

Nadezhda L.

A caring and thoroughly professional office! Green & Associates knows how to get the mission accomplished. I recommend them without any reservations because they changed my life. As other reviewers have said, you must have patience and perseverance for this process. They only way to achieve that mindset is to invest your trust in your legal counsel. I'm glad I did.

Richard E.

Mr. Green is very helpful and the staff awesome. Despite the fact that I am in India (and my wife is located in NJ), they made the process go very smoothly. They have arranged me to call into the court and answer the questions from the judge. I very much appreciated their help in this difficult matter.

Ananthu C.

Michael Green and his staff were able to get me satisfaction that other lawyers could NOT! He has the experience and charges a fair rate. He helped me understand the process and to be patient especially when I wanted the whole thing to end. I am so glad I took his advice. I recommend him always!

Magnus S.

Mr. Green guided me through the difficult process of seeking and obtaining a final restraining order. His advice was spot on and I was able to move on with my life with a measure of security.

Margaret D.

I hired Mr. Green to represent me in my divorce proceedings. I was up against a difficult husband. Mr. Green handle my case with precision. He was well organized and communicated with me every step of the way. I went to trial well educated about the proceedings and knew what to expect. 
In the end, I got everything I was asking for and more. I would recommend this firm to anyone who is thinking about getting a divorce lawyer. You will be represented by the best and properly armed to come away a winner. 
Thank you Mr. Green for your excellent work.

Beverly B.

Mr. Michael Green and his associates provided very efficient service to me throughout my divorce case which lasted almost an year. His charges were very reasonable and what he stipulated at the start was the final figure, so we knew what it would be, there were no surprises. Throughout the period I had many questions and his office was always ready to answer my phone calls and my emails. I am very grateful to Michael and his team the case is over and I get to enjoy my children.


He kept my daughter in my life.
I originally hired Michael and team back in 2014 to help with a divorce and hostile child custody case where my ex was trying to relocate to a distant and remote location. Whereas no one really enjoys the process of getting a divorce, particularly when there is such a strong custody component and emotions to it, I need to say my experience with Michael was excellent. He knew the right people to bring onto the case, and the right approached to argue and present, he kept me focus on what mattered during a very emotional time. It ultimately result in a 50% verdict (which was my goal) for custody. My daughter remains in my life. I am extremely grateful for this blessing and, with the complexities of the case, do not believe vary many other people could have pulled it off (I interviewed at least 5 other attorneys before I engaged him.) Recently, I am up for child support renegotiation and again I have engaged Michael and am having the same experience. It is a relief to have someone who I trust that can take the lead on these matters. His approach is always professional and focused. I listen to his advice 100%. I would strongly recommend him.


I hired Michael Green for a divorce and child custody issue. He was professional, compassionate always taking my calls through such a difficult time. I highly recommend him.


Michael Green was very professional and personable. I used him for my lawyer through a mediation/divorce process. Even a year after the divorce I had questions for him which required him to look back in my file and retrieve certain paperwork. There was a time constraint on the paperwork and he had everything done for me immediately.

Heather S.

After spending an embarrassing amount of money with a big law firm and getting a marginal result, a work colleague recommended Green and Associates and I fee so fortunate. I wasn't nickle and dimed. Michael re-negotiated previous terms and spared me a lot of headaches. He is available round the clock, which was great because I work. The staff is fantastic too! They explain things in simple language so that you understand what is happening -- no surprises! I hope I never have to need a lawyer again, but if I do, one thing is certain, Green & Associates can count me as a client!


I endorse this lawyer. Michael is extremely bright and an aggressive, smart litigator. He does not give up and fights for his client to the end. Michael and I have worked together on a number of cases.

Gary Graifman, Fellow Lawyer in community